Pattern Temptation - a few current promos

Hey guys,
Just so you know where this is going right up front, there are a few crazy pattern promotions going on right now and I’m in serious trouble. Have I mentioned that I’m supposed to be on a pattern diet? Not so much a pattern diet but so much a reduced pattern way of life. Apparently giving up patterns though is a lot like giving up carbs. Sure you mean it this time but is it really feasible? I, like 96% of the knitters I’m friends with, have an extensive pattern hoard that we frequently, and maybe more politely, call a library that I almost never get around to knitting. Yes, I recently dug into that hoard and knitted a new pattern (remember this sweet sweater?) but then I immediately knit a baby vertebrae because old habits just really die hard with me. I bought the Sparkle Cardigan pattern by Joji Locatelli in April and I wound yarn AND swatched it so that I could cast on As Soon As Possible. I still haven’t started and this morning Ashley sent me a beautiful Instagram post by Skein Yarn for the Gathering Top. Now I’m thinking this would look lovely in our Green Tea Comfort Sock. Subscribers get 20% off all new-release patterns so guess what I did this morning. 
This whole week I’ve been swaying back and forth because Joji released the Slow Curves shawl and Rosemary Hill dropped Days Like These. The options were 1) choose one 2) why do I have to choose? And 3) do I really need another shawl? (The answer in my heart is yes, I absolutely always need another shawl. My brain deeply disagrees.) I just checked and I’m heartbroken and maybe a little relieved to say that the promo on Joji’s Slow Curves shawl is over as of today. It’s so scrumptious and ENORMOUS that I’m still very much tempted to pay full price for it. Worse, Rosemary Hill has an awesome promo for 30% off of her patterns with promo code 30kthanx through to August 5, 2018. I immediately jumped into Ravelry to pick up Days Like These and then realised that Rosemary has TONS of gorgeous patterns! I can’t choose just one! Am I nuts? I also immediately decided that this wasn’t a job my cell phone could handle. I need to see those beautiful lace panels on a computer monitor so that I can give them the swoon that they deserve.
To drag you guys further into the deep with me, Andrea Mowry also has 25% on her patterns on her website on Ravelry with coupon code BIRTHDAY35 until August 8, 2018. Also all of the patterns from her book A Sense of Place are available for individual sale. Have fun guys! Get ready to break out those wallets! As for me, I’m going to go put my head down on the table and recite, “I still have to pay tuition” a hundred times and when I get up I’m going to go pattern shopping.  
That’s it for me for this week guys! Until we speak again PEACE to you and yours and happy knitting!

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