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  • Wednesday Wanderings

    I have had a hard time focusing lately and I am not quite sure why; possibly the unpredictable weather, the start o the holiday season being so close, or maybe it the changing daylight schedule. Whatever it is, I am feeling slightly at odds so I thought I would just share thoughts with you all this Wednesday and maybe it will become my thing. A safe place for me to share my wandering thoughts in the hopes that it helps organize them slightly. 
  • Three Needle Bind Off Tutorial

    Guys, do you realize that you haven’t heard from me in two weeks?  Did you miss me?  I missed you.  It’s been sooo hectic around here but now the crazy has sort of died down.  The to do list is shorter and way more manageable.  Final assignments and exams have been submitted and written and I can finally get to my favourite part of the season: Christmas prep.  Time to sort out all the shopping and see what's left to do.  Start real work on the handmade projects which, sadly, always get left until the last moment.  I've finally accepted that the girls cardigans are probably not going to be done on time for Christmas.  Maybe by Valentines day.  We'll see.

    I can at least say that their hats will be done on time which I’m super pleased about.  I actually saved the bind off so I can give you guys a little tutorial in case you haven’t seen a three needle bind off before.  The first time I heard of a three needle bind off I was pretty intimidated. I could barely handle two needles without adding a third into the mix but a three needle bind off is pretty much exactly the same as a basic bind off but you’re knitting two parallel stitches together to close a seam.  Take a look below.