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  • Wednesday Wanderings

    I have had a hard time focusing lately and I am not quite sure why; possibly the unpredictable weather, the start o the holiday season being so close, or maybe it the changing daylight schedule. Whatever it is, I am feeling slightly at odds so I thought I would just share thoughts with you all this Wednesday and maybe it will become my thing. A safe place for me to share my wandering thoughts in the hopes that it helps organize them slightly. 
  • A Quick Mitten Lining Lesson - It's easier than you think.

    Hey guys! Welcome to week 2 of January! How's everyone's resolutions holding up?  I can honestly say that my will power is fading guys.  First goal of the year - don't take on too much - is mostly just a guilty false promise that I made to myself.  Just the other day a friend of mine, who's planning her wedding, sent me a message saying, "wanted to solicit your creativity... I know you would have some good ideas."  To which I responded, "I feel like you just made my life.  Let's get this Pinterest board started!" Nevermind that, while sitting in a workshop today, I took a few minutes to plan my school schedule until the end of summer.  I promised myself I would not take on more than two classes this semester but I'm legitimately sitting here thinking to myself, "whats the difference between two and three really?"  I guess the fact that I dragged myself out of my super comfortable bed at 7 am to travel in -30 weather all the into downtown Toronto on a Saturday is a testament to how much fun I'm having so can I even complain at this point?

    Anyway, all of this is getting away from the topic of the day: Mitten lining! I've done it a few times now and I love the way it feels to add just that little bit of extra warmth to you favourite hand knit mittens.  It's like taking your bed with you when you have to leave the house on a cold winter morning.