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  • RSBSY Summer Break

    Chantal Ratnam

    Posted on July 09 2017

    RSBSY Summer Break
    Hey all! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!  Ash and I made the executive d...
  • Colour Affection Shawl

    Ashley Ratnam

    Posted on June 23 2017

    Colour Affection Shawl
    This is my second colour affection shawl that I have knit and I can see at least one m...
  • Taste the Rainbow Sock Pattern

    Ashley Ratnam

    Posted on May 17 2017

    Have you been looking for a sock pattern to use with our sock kits! We have a great fre...
  • Fav Freebie Friday - Shawls

    Ashley Ratnam

    Posted on December 09 2016

    This week we thought we would share with you some of our favorite free shawl patterns. ...
  • Fav Freebie Friday - Christmas Stockings

    Ashley Ratnam

    Posted on December 02 2016

    Fav Freebie Friday - Christmas Stockings
    Can you believe it is Decmeber already! Okay so to start the month off with a bang here...

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