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    Chantal Ratnam

    Posted on April 17 2019


    Welcome back everyone!! It has been a spectacularly crazy week and then the Toronto Knitters Guild reminded me that it’s 10 days until Frolic!  Have you ever been sublimely excited and riddled with anxiety at the same time?  That’s how I feel.  It is a bewildering sensation.  Unlike the past Wednesdays, today I feel keenly aware that we have hit the middle of the week and that my productivity days are very limited. 

    I woke up this morning feeling hopelessly frazzled by the myriad of things that I have to do in a very short window of time.  The end result was that I spent the morning anxiously dashing from one half started task to the next until I finally threw my hands up in defeat and took myself to a yoga class so that I could recentre.  Have I ever told you about the miracle drug that is yoga? I never want to go and I’m always thrilled after I’m done.  I was so rejuvenated when I was done, and it’s such a beautiful day out that I came home, took a long hot shower, shaved off my winter fuzz (is that an overshare?) and chose a daytime people outfit that wasn’t just about comfort. I’m feeling so cute I may actually take a selfie.

  • Sewing Memory Lane

    Chantal Ratnam

    Posted on April 10 2019

    Sewing Memory Lane

    Welcome back everyone! I actually remembered that today is Wednesday and I am absolutely claiming that victory, and not because I spent half the day yesterday reassuring myself that it was Tuesday and not Wednesday. There’s nothing like being off of everyone else’s schedule to make you really appreciate that time really is a construct of our own making.

    This week’s blog post has both a super exciting thing and a not so great thing.  If you’re not a bad news first kind of person just skip to the bottom and I’ll get to the good stuff.  The bad news is I think I feel a rut coming on and not just a knitting rut, a makers rut.  I have no idea where it came from.  I have a few super cool projects pending and while I was excited to prep for them, all of that energy has sort of…. Deflated.

    I know the headaches are part of the problem and so is the crazy eye pain and all of the other symptoms but at the back of all of that stuff is this nagging little question: to what end?  Why am I doing all of this? It kind of just feels like I’m occupying time until somethinghappens.  I don’t know what that something is though.  Now that I’m putting it on paper, maybe it’s not a rut, maybe it’s just an existential crisis.  That’s what wine is for right?  Maybe I’ll try that and let you know how it goes.

  • What happened to Wednesday?

    Chantal Ratnam

    Posted on April 04 2019

    What happened to Wednesday?

    Hey guys, welcome back! First of all let me apologize for posting a day late.  Yesterday my cousin on mat leave called me in the morning with a crying baby in the background and I thought to myself, “it’s Tuesday, you’re not doing anything else today, you should go keep her company”.  So I went and cuddled the baby and didn’t realise that it was actually WEDNESDAY and I did have something to do, namely, this blog post. 

    Normally in those circumstances, (and I’m not ashamed to admit that this isn’t the first time that I’ve lost track of the day of the week) I’d just skip the week and post in the following one but I’ve actually been looking forward to speaking with you, largely because LOOK WHAT I KNIT!  I’m so excited about the progress on my Harlow hat!  First, I promise that the blog is not just going to be about Harlow for the next 10 weeks but I can’t believe how well this looks. 

  • Free Downloadable Calendar April 2019

    Ashley Ratnam

    Posted on April 04 2019

    Free Downloadable Calendar April 2019
    Okay so I am a little late getting this calendar up and I don’t really have a good reason, my other work has been extremely busy and I have been exhausted. The office life is really not the best life sometimes.

    Chantal Ratnam

    Posted on March 27 2019

    Welcome back everyone!! We are four days away from our Harlow KAL and I’m sooo excited. I’ve got my yarn ready and I can’t wait to get started! I’ve watched the YouTube video’s, YF-SL1YO and BRKSL DEC are no longer intimidating and I think I can confidently say, ‘I’ve got this!” More importantly, one of the lovely ladies on Instagram, Amanda Schwabe (@aknitica) posted a tutorial on fixing brioche knitting. WE ARE SET MY FRIENDS!

    In case this is the first time you’re hearing about this Harlow KAL.   Ash decided it was time to step our knitting game and try brioche and since she didn’t want to do it alone she decided we should all do it together and if you do it with us you’ll be eligible for a prize at the end of it.  I’ve already heard a few things about this prize and I’m telling you, you’re going to want in on it.  The KAL will be run on our Facebook group and will take place between April 1stand June 15th.

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