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  • Free Downloadable February 2019 Calendar

    Ashley Ratnam

    Posted on February 01 2019

    Free Downloadable February 2019 Calendar

    Wahoo! We made it through January. Congrats lol

    Here is the calendar for February 2019 and I hope you like it. This month I am featuring our Essence Shawl knit with our Superwash Sport base in Navy and Rockin Peach. I will hopefully get a fresh batch of yarn up in the shop for you.

  • On Racism, Part 2

    Chantal Ratnam

    Posted on January 30 2019

    Ok guys so this is not the blog post that I originally intended to write today.  I originally planned to write about all of the handmades that I gifted to my cousin at her baby shower, starting a new sweater that has been on my to do list for awhile, the official launch of Rosarito by Annie Haas and maybe a couple of the other crafty things that I’ve been up to recently. All of that is going to have to wait, unfortunately, because the last couple days I’ve been overwhelmed by feelings of anger and frustration that I have not been able to reason or deep breathe away.

    Now part of me wants to let you know in advance that I promise, I PROMISE, not to turn this blog into my SJW soap box but the other 90% of me is screaming, “USE EVERY TOOL YOU HAVE TO FIGHT FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE!!”  I guess after this blog post, if I feel like I still haven’t vented my spleen, maybe I’ll have to consider some other avenue to get that done.

    Guys last week’s blog post was the product of two weeks of careful thought on the topic of racism in our community and it came from a place that was kind of happy that this topic came up and that a lot of people were saying, “hey, racism in our community is no longer a thing we’re going to tolerate.”  I guess my happy place was in going through my feed and realising that a lot of the makers that I happen to follow are clearly progressive people with zero tolerance for this bullshit.

  • On Racism and Language

    Chantal Ratnam

    Posted on January 23 2019

    On Racism and Language

    Welcome back everyone! I know it’s been a couple of weeks since you’ve heard from me.  I didn’t intend to miss last week.  I had, in fact, been working on a blog post surrounding the conversation about racism and the knitting community that had been happening on Instagram a couple of weeks ago.  The problem was that no matter what I wrote, it didn’t seem to be the real thing that I wanted to say and since I couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted to say I decided to think about it a little longer. 

    Conversations about racism can be very tricky and even now I’m hesitating about exactly how to phrase exactly what I want to say.  For me the difficulty lies in discussing racism without claiming hardships that are not mine to claim.  Yes, I’m a woman of colour, and absolutely yes, I’ve experienced racism but the racism I’ve experienced is not the same as the racism that Black and Brown people struggle against in the United States of America or the racism that our own Indigenous communities struggle against right here in Canada.  When I bear witness to those atrocities, I have to admit that I feel shame about complaining about some of the racism that I’ve experienced. 

  • Baby Knit Time Again

    Chantal Ratnam

    Posted on January 09 2019

    Baby Knit Time Again

    Welcome back everyone!  I hope everyone's resolutions are still holding strong! Mine are going ok.  Some days I win, some days I lose, but we're still headed in the right direction and I think that's all that can be asked for.  I'm not going to lie though, with everyone returned to work after the holidays, and all of the fun of the season over, I'm feeling a little flat.

    There's definitely things to look forward to in the next few months: my younger cousin is having a baby girl and Ashley and I are both putting our crafting skills to work.  Since both of us are particularly fond of this cousin we decided to split up the crafting duties.  I decided to knit a small baby blanket and Ash decided to break into her fabric stash.    

  • Free Downloadable January 2019 Calendar

    Ashley Ratnam

    Posted on January 03 2019

    Free Downloadable January 2019 Calendar
    One of my goals for 2019 is to offer you all a free downloadable wallpaper calendar. Enjoy :) - if i can figure out how to size them for other devices i will start to include those as well

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