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Chantal Ratnam

Posted on August 15 2018

Hey guys,
Can you believe that a week has passed since we last spoke? I certainly can’t. That’s what happens when you’re having a good time I guess and I definitely had a good time. So much so that on Tuesday when I opened my laptop to log on to work, I stared blankly at the screen HAVING COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN MY WORK PASSWORD! I couldn`t think of it and my muscle memory completely failed me. I had to pack up my laptop and haul tush to work to have it reset. I was simultaneously annoyed that it happened and super pleased that it is possible to forget this place even after a minor amount of time away. 
I`m also pleased to report that I completed my stint as stay at home auntie successfully. No children were broken, damaged or lost during my tenure. I have recognized that I sass them quite a bit which I don`t think I can stop doing just because it is so fun to mess with them. Mila definitely takes it in her stride and returns it with interest. Case in point, I showed her a picture of Barack Obama and said to her, “this is my boyfriend, your future uncle.” And she looked dead at me and asked, “does he know that?” I`m sure she didn`t realise how sassy that was but it was hilarious and I died with laughter.  
I love that kid so much. Everything about her is pure and honest and there were many a moment when I was watching both of them where I wondered how we get from there to adulthood and all of the different disguises we put on. When they danced it was just joyous and without any consideration given to, ‘how do I look when I move this way?’ (I’m sure they’ll feel differently when we put those videos in their wedding reels) and when they spoke it was with a desire to be understood and to convey how they felt, without any agenda. 
We celebrated Mila’s 6th birthday on Saturday and her friends came out for a pool party. Invariably when you’re around parents and kids, parents will feel occasionally obligated to correct their kids manners. I absolutely get it about wanting your kids to be well-mannered but I also worry and am a little sad to think that in order to wear the mantle of well-mannered they have to give up some of their honesty. 
So between this blog post and last week’s blog post you can see I worry about kids a lot, considering I don’t have any. This is why I don’t, generally, get into parent shaming. All parents are trying their best to raise their kids within their understanding of what it means to be a good parents. And yes I did say generally because we’ve all heard horrible stories of neglect and I have to be honest and say yeah, I judge those parents, and harshly. I love kids. All kids. Don’t mess with them. 
So that was my summer vacation, now let’s talk about knitting. I did almost none. I managed to finish this one little sleeve while driving to Ottawa and then I mostly just moved my knitting from room to room to deck for the rest of the week. Ashley soaked yarn near the beginning of the week and it took us days to find the time to actually dye it. I always ask Ashley to leave yarn work for me when I’m down but this time around we were just busy doing all sorts of other stuff. Looking back now I can’t even remember what we were busy doing. 
I know that she’s busy doing prep this week because show season is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Can you tell I’m excited? We’ll be at the first ever Fibre Spirit Festival in Barrie on August 25th. The show runs from 10am to 4:30pm at the Barrie Curling Club and advanced admission is $5 from Eventbrite. If you’re in the area come and check us out and bring your RSBSY WIP’s and FO’s!! You know how much we like to see them.
A few weeks ago I posted some amazing promotions that some of our favourite designers were hosting but I don’t think I told you what I finally caved and bought. I bought Andrea Mowry’s Wanderer’s: Modern Mukluk pattern as well as the Gathering Top by Kristen Finlay. Maybe you guys can jump start my knitting mojo and get me to cast something on.
That`s it for me for this week! The next time we talk, I`ll be counting down the days to Fibre Spirit also known as SISTER WEEKEND! I can`t wait to start prepping and when I say prepping I mean wine shopping. Until then, as always, PEACE to you and yours and happy knitting!


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