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  • What to do about those remnants?

    Chantal Ratnam

    Posted on July 18 2018

    What to do about those remnants?
    Hey guys,
    How’s the week treating you so far? Part of me can’t believe it’s Wednesday already, the other part is READY FOR THE WEEKEND. This morning I realised that we’re already halfway through July already! This realisation came from waking up at 5am and noticing that the sky wasn’t quite as bright as it was a couple of weeks ago. I always feel like I’m the first person to notice when the days are getting longer and the first one to notice when they’re getting shorter as well. Long days are my bliss. I know I’m not the only one who feels like they get twice as much accomplished in a summer day than in a winter one. 
    Since we last spoke I’ve been fervently working on my Baby Vertebrae occasionally pausing to wonder why this one looks so much bigger than the others that I’ve knit. Not having kids of my own, baby gear sort of baffles me. I’m always trying to figure out the right size for the right season and guess how big the baby may or may not be around the time they’re going to be using whatever it is that I’ve bought or made. 
  • Girls Rule

    Chantal Ratnam

    Posted on July 11 2018

    Girls Rule
    Welcome back everyone! I hope the week has been good to you since the last time we spoke. If you guys have been following me on Instagram (on my @ctalrunwild handle anyway) you probably know what this blog post is about.
    I've been fervently working on my Raindrops pullover for a friends baby girl and look what I finished! I think this is the fastest little knit project that I’ve finished in a long time. I cast on June 23rd and two and half week later I’m all done. I feel so accomplished! I can do anything I set my mind too! I wanna ride this high forever! Lol, I’m joking around but I do feel accomplished. If only everything could be accomplished with this kind of speed and ease. 
  • ** New Pattern Alert ** Essence Shawl

    Ashley Ratnam

    Posted on July 10 2018

    ** New Pattern Alert ** Essence Shawl

    Are you ready to start a great new shawl this summer?

    Essence Shawl is now live, just in time for some summer knitting. This soft and squishy garter stitch shawl with the simple eyelet stripes and lace panel will be great to work on during all your summer adventures. I hope you'll enjoy both knitting and wearing this beautiful shawl as much as I do.

  • On Wednesday, She Rested

    Chantal Ratnam

    Posted on June 27 2018

    On Wednesday, She Rested

    Rest.  My favourite four letter word.  Most people who know me would be pretty surprised at that considering my proclivity towards all of the other ones that are a little less polite.  

    I've been rocketing around Ontario for the last month like the metaphoric bat out of hell and it has absolutely been taking a toll.  I'm not complaining at all because the rocketing around part is super fun and I wouldn't change it for the world.  What I really need is more hours in the day.  In my ideal life I get to rocket around all day and the come home to Netflix and whatever fun craft project I'm currently working on and then go to sleep for a full eight hours, wake up and do it all again.  Instead, I wake up spend 10 hours going to, working and returning from my day job, rocket around for a few hours and sleep for around six hours.  If I'm lucky I get to craft in fifteen minute increments.  

    My desire for extra hours in a day is not unique but have you actually sat down to calculate how many extra hours you would need to live your best life?  On Monday I did.  To be quite honest, it's 10 hours a day, five days a week and I'm in slow negotiations to make it happen.  In the meantime, I would settle for an extra three a day - day light hours during normal business days when you don't have to rush around to get things done inside of everyone else's business day.

  • Baby Knits!

    Chantal Ratnam

    Posted on June 13 2018

    Baby Knits!

    Hey guys, how’s it going? Since the last time we spoke a lot has happened. I went and spent the day with knit stitch sew for their grand opening and had a blast. Knit stitch sew has a great space located all the way downtown in Kingston. The sun was shining on Princess street on Sunday and it looked as pretty as a picture; the perfect day for a stroll to take in the scenery. I love Kingston. It has all of the benefits of the city without feeling over crowded.  

    I walked into knit stitch sew and the first thing I said was, “woah, it’s huge inside of here!” And truly it is. The store is super spacious with all sorts of tasty yarns to choose from but there’s still tons of space for you to just wander and hang out. Right in the centre of it all is a couch, some chairs and a coffee table and throughout the day, people would gather right there, take a load off and whip out their projects. It was great! I was super tempted to pull out my own project and join them but I was there to work after all. The store also houses an awesome sewing studio, that I only briefly was able to explore. I’m not worried though. I’m going to be back there in two weeks to deliver more yarn and I imagine there will quite a few more visits in my near future.
    Two other things happened this weekend. One of my friends had a baby girl on Friday and another announced she’s having a baby boy in the fall. With all of this I’ve had crazy baby brain for days now. Immediately, I fell back on my old favourites: Baby Vertebrae, stay on baby booties and mitts but a lot of great patterns have dropped since the last time I had to knit for a wee one. 

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