Free Downloadable Calendar - December 2019

The holiday season is definitely in full swing around here. By the time you read this post i will be up to my eye balls in Christmas decorations and John is most likely trying to get the huge tree I picked to fit in the house (go big or go home am I right??) Our girls are beyond excited for Christmas and have been singing Christmas carols for about 3 weeks already. Micheal Buble’s Christmas album is on repeat in this house. I hope you all enjoy this holiday themed wallpaper.
My lists are still being worked on and I am so running out of time to get it all done. I was fortunate enough to to get two weeks off the season and I cannot wait to get messy in the kitchen with the kids and bake all the things. 
We here at RSBSY wish you and yours the best holiday season. May it be full of friends, family, and yarn.
Love you all,
Ashley xoxo

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