Free Downloadable Calendar - November 2019

November to me is the month when the wait for snow is in full gear and the kids are starting to get excited for snow forts, snow men, and I spend a lot of time procrastinating about getting my holiday plans in order.  Usually about half way through November I have the great idea to start a knitted gift that realistically will never be done in time for Christmas and I get a huge urge to start all the things and not finish anything that is already started. NOT THIS YEAR OKAY!!! I have things to complete that I am determined to finish in time to block and wrap and get under the tree. So we shall see...stay tuned on this front as I am sure I will start to panic and need to share with you all. Here is to another month closer to the end of 2019 and I wish you the best of luck with all your gift knitting.
If you want to share your gift knits or any other knits make sure to stop by our facebook page and chat with us about the great things you are making. I would love to see pictures 
Happy Making,

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