Hey guys! You’re gonna have to bear with me today because I’m still coming down off my yarn fume high from this weekend…. Or maybe it’s just adrenaline. It could also be wine. Nonetheless we had a blast this weekend! Not only did Ash and I get to hang out, kid and hubby free but two of our other friends made the trek down from Ottawa so we had a full on girls weekend! It was AMAZING! We drank wine, ate cheesecake, and spent as much time knitting as we could. My little introverted heart was full to bursting. Those of you who have a knit crew or any crew who share an activity know the pleasure that I’m talking about. I instantly declared frolic weekend girls weekend forever but in my heart I was secretly thinking about how I can make this a monthly tradition. Somehow I don’t think that the hubbies would approve. Single girl problems: when your married friends can’t come play with yarn with you. Oh well. One of these days I may just move back to Ottawa and I’m sure that will make things easier.

Frolic itself was amazing. I always marvel at the sheer volume of people that come out to that show. Partially because I look around and think, “Wow. These are my people.” That sense of belonging is seriously addictive. Yarnies are like my crack. I had so much fun meeting you all and talking to you guys about all things knit and yarn related. It was also so cool to hear people say, “hey, I read your blog!” There was a brief moment of self-consciousness while I scrolled through my memory to see if I’ve ever said anything I should be embarrassed about and then I thought, “Wow, people take time to actually read what I write! That’s crazy!” Most of you don’t know this but I’m an aspiring novelist and one of my constant worries is that no one will read my stuff! You guys made me rethink that.
Going into Frolic the girls and I said that we were going to be reasonably well behaved and not overspend. I personally knew that I definitely wanted something from ZigZagStitches, who I can never resist. I love, LOVE her project bags. They’re pretty much the only ones I use, with very rare exceptions. This plan was somewhat curtailed when, as soon as the doors opened, I rushed to buy yarn that I found on sale at a neighbouring booth. I still picked up this sweet little notions pouch from Catherine. Remember a little while ago when I wrote that blog post about my notions box? Well that poor thing got seriously beat up on my recent travels and now she doesn’t like to stay closed. The result is that I have scattered notions in my backpack, project bag and suitcase that I need to gather up. Also, I’ve always admired a similar notions pouch that Ashley bought from Catherine at a past show so, really, this was just a matter of time.  I also snagged three skeins of Green Tea Comfort Sock that we had on the wall. Joji Locatelli's Sparkle cardigan has been on my mind and I think that's my next project after this shawl is finished. 
The other girls went to Frolic with their patterns printed and in lovely plastic sheets. They had a game plan. I have never had a game plan at a yarn show. That requires commitment and organization. Those are not strengths that I have. As a result, I`m pretty sure that I still have every skein of yarn I`ve ever bought in a box on my yarn wall. One of these days though, I`m sure I`ll get a chance to put those babies to work.
So that was Frolic! Huge shout out to the Toronto Knitters Guild for hosting such an amazing show. I`m officially counting down the days to the Prince Edward County Fibre Festival. I hope you Toronto people aren`t yarned out. I hope I get to see you again all the way out there! If not, come catch me at the Toronto Knitters Guild vendor night on June 20th!
That`s it for me for this week! Until we speak again, PEACE to you and yours and happy knitting!

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