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Royal Wedding and Long Weekend Round Up!

Chantal Ratnam

Posted on May 23 2018

Hey guys,
Welcome back! As promised, I am still coming down off cloud nine from our Royal Wedding this weekend and barely registering that today is hump day. In fact, I completely forgot that today was blog post day until I received not one but two reminders on my cell phone. The fact that I get two notifications on my cell every week amuses me to no end, because I’m naturally a two notification person for everything but I thought it was one of those random little things I do without thinking about it. Apparently Ash knows me better than I think because she set both of those, clearly knowing that I would need them. 
Anyway, the wedding was AMAZING! We ended up driving down to Ottawa on Saturday morning, which meant that we were on the road when the big show was going down. Luckily we pulled into an OnRoute at exactly 6:57 as the Queen was arriving. My mom, my cousin and I had our eyes glued to my phone as Meghan arrived and I very nearly swooned over her veil. Guys, I did tell you I was going to get super mushy over the wedding right? As she walked down the aisle the smile on her face melted my heart. I felt about six years old again, imagining my own big day and the prince that would whisk me away. Yes, my Cinderella complex is alive and kicking, my friends. Well, at least it was on Saturday. Every other day of the week I recognized that my rather liberal sense of decorum would make me a fit princess only in my imagination. 
I ended up watching the wedding without any commentators, at first not intentionally and then after I flipped around and listened to a few of the snarky comments by various news agencies I was happy to put them on mute. I tried not to let them diminish my enjoyment but pretty much everywhere I looked there were low levels of snark. People commented on everything Meghan had to give up like her job and her cellphone, others posted on their social media accounts that they were “over it” (which was the kindest version of that sentiment that I found) and it bothered me that these people seemed to exist just to diminish the pleasure of a happy moment for the rest of us. 
Listening to the journalist talking about all of the things that Meghan had to give up, I thought about all of the things that I would be thinking about in her place right at that moment. Here’s the top ten:
2) I think I’m going to barf.
3) I’m definitely going to barf.
4) Dear God, don’t let me trip in these heels.
5) On seeing Harry: Dear God, you’re so handsome.
6) How scandalous would it be if I just ran down the aisle and threw myself into his arms?
7) Should I do it?
8) Don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh.
9) Why is Charles walking so slow?
10) We are definitely going to need some alone time with that uniform.
Remarkably, giving up my social media account doesn’t register. I’m sure if I kept going it wouldn’t make the top 20. Maybe the top 50. It definitely reminded me of one of my favourite sayings though: open your mouth only if what you’re going to say is more beautiful than silence. Alternately, it’s that lesson we all learned in kindergarten: if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. On Saturday, I felt like many a grown up needed reminding of that particular one. In any case, I definitely enjoyed the wedding. By the time the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex had spoken their wedding vows, Rogers was notifying me that I had reached 90% of my monthly data allowance. I still watched 10 minutes of the procession though.
I didn’t get in as much romance as I thought I would after that. Almost none at all actually. Between celebrating my nephews birthday and a few yarn chores Ash left on my to do list, I was pretty busy. We did manage to hit up the Ottawa Tulip Festival briefly and I finished this lovely girl! Ends woven in and everything! She will be the subject of next week’s blog post so make sure you come on back. It’s also three more sleeps until the Prince Edward County Fibre Festival this weekend so if you’re in the area make sure you come on out! I can’t wait!
Talk soon! Until then, PEACE to you and your family and happy knitting!


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