Royal Weddings and Long Weekends

Hey guys,
It’s HUMP DAY! Honestly, I don’t normally feel hump days. Every day that I have to show up to my cubicle is a challenge in pretty equal measure. It’s usually 8 to 9.5 hours of wondering how I can get paid to go school, take pictures, write novels and play with yarn and still pay the mortgage and afford my, generally, very comfortable lifestyle. I haven’t figured it out yet but I assure you that I will continue to meditate on it until the solution becomes clear.
Today being a 9.5 hour work day, with the weather exceptionally fine and the prospect of a lovely long weekend, I’m definitely feeling hump day. If I can just get through today I’ll only have to do this two more times until I can sit on a patio, hopefully, with the sun shining on my face, and my head clear and lovely and blank. I need a couple of days with zero priorities and absolutely nothing to think about.
Actually I have to be completely honest with you. There’s something else going on this weekend that’s making it feel like a particularly indulgent weekend. Now you guys don’t know me very well, but I take pride on generally being very rational and sensible. That being said, there is a teeny tiny part of me that is the complete opposite. She is a deeply romantic novelist by the name of Talia. I love her because she doesn’t shy away from feeling all of the feels and she loves the cheesiness and mushiness that would make me, Chantal, blush. I don’t often let her out to play but this weekend is Royal Wedding weekend which is basically the romance of a whole season of Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas rolled into one day. Talia is coming out and she’s bringing champagne and ice cream! We’re not just watching the wedding. Oh no! Hallmark channel has a full Royal wedding movie line up on Saturday and I am going to overindulge like a kid in a candy store.
 (stacks of these were life giving to my 17 year old self... A habit I haven't 100% kicked) 
Suddenly I feel like I’m 17 again when I was accepted into the University of Ottawa and my parents had to finally accept that I would have to be travelling in downtown Ottawa by myself. I was so painfully shy back then that if I was so much as five minutes late for class I would skip and hit up this enormous used bookstore in the Byward market. I would comb through the rows of romance novels for hours. The cheap series romance novels were something like 10 for $10 and I would leave with stacks and then sit on the banks of the Rideau Canal until it was time to go home. On the way home I would stop at Zellers or Walmart and pick up bags of salt and vinegar potato chips, O’ Henry bars, Glossette raisins and Twizzlers and I would feast on romance and junk food until it was absolutely necessary to join the real world again. Usually when I ran out of one or the other. We’re recreating all of that this weekend. By this time next week, it’s not going to matter what day it is because my head will still be making its soft float down from cloud 9… hopefully with a few story ideas to play with.
So that’s really what’s going down this weekend. I hope you guys have some amazing plans lined up! If guys are watching the Royal wedding with me let me know your thoughts. If not, I’m sure next week’s blog post will include a few highlights. Until then, PEACE to you and yours! We’ll talk soon! Happy knitting!

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