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Chantal Ratnam

Posted on May 09 2018

SPRING HAS SPRUNG!! Anyone else out there saying FINALLY? The last two weeks in Toronto have been (mostly) sunny and beautiful and has reaffirmed my belief that I am actually from Krypton. Why, you ask? Because this yellow sun is giving me life! The weather changed and suddenly I feel invigorated and ready to take on the world… so much so that I even went to yoga at 8:30PM. My general rule is that anything that requires pants, a bra and leaving the comforts of my house after 7PM is probably not going to happen. You might think I`m exaggerating but I swear I`m not. There I was, though, Jim Dale reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in my ears, admiring the newly sprouted leaves on the trees on the short walk to my yoga studio. I was like a commercial for soothing prescription medication or a Disney princess if Disney princesses wore messy buns and sports bras. Not that Disney princesses require yoga to achieve their level of limberness.

(work day views) 
I`ve even come out of hibernation at work. Over the winter I got into the habit of eating at my desk just to avoid going outside but I`ve scouted out my summer spot at the dog park, a five minute walk from the office. I love it there. People are super friendly at a dog park. My theory is that puppies and warm weather just make people uninhibited. My friend Michelle and I take our knitting out, chill on a bench on soak up that Vitamin D. We also people and dog watch, which I love to do. Yesterday we watched a woman in business gear climb into the fountain while her friend/partner/colleague snapped pictures of her. The fountain isn`t on as yet but I wonder if that would have stopped her. Another had spread her blanket on the top of a hill and was full savasana, head tilted towards the sun. I realised she was my goal. I’m totally bringing a blanket to work. Picnics every day, my friend. There may even be wine involved. Unless my team leader is reading this and then, of course I would never do that.
My goal this year is to be outside as much as I can manage. I’ve told Ash that I’m coming to hang out at her house May long weekend even though she’s going to be at a wedding out of town. Ash has a beautiful deck in her back yard and the whole yard is surrounded by trees. When the breeze hits them, the only thing you hear is rustling leaves and it`s easy to imagine that you`re completely alone, off in the middle of nowhere… with the added benefit of a strong WiFi signal. Gimme a break guys, I like fresh air and sunshine but I also really like Netflix.   
All of this to say, be prepared for a shameless amount of outdoor knitting pics this spring and summer. The Prince Edward County Fibre Fest is the weekend after and Ash, my mom and I have rented a little AirBnB place near Sandbanks for the whole weekend. It`s going to be amazing! If you`re going to be in the area, come by the Festival to say hi! You know how much we love seeing you all! If you can`t make it out, don`t worry, come back here and I`ll make sure to tell you all about it!
That`s it for me for this week! Until we speak again, PEACE to you and yours and happy knitting!


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