Sunday Morning Coffee Thoughts

Happy Sunday friends! I have come to the blog many times over the last few weeks and could never get myself to type anything. Always worried about if the post would be good enough, relevant enough, is it what you all want to see and read about. Well here I go. I think a good place to start is just be me and if you like it then you will read it, if not you will leave the page. Not a big deal really. So I hope you enjoy these Sunday morning ramblings while I drink my coffee and the kids watch cartoons. 
This last week has been a blur of activity. The weather has been pretty much perfect for spring and the kids have enjoyed a great spring break. We are all a little sad to get back to our virtual school/work life on Monday. This week I was able to tackle one garden bed in our yarn and tear out all the old and put in some fresh earth. I have my fingers crossed that the next dirt delivery is soon as I would like to get the rest of the garden beds freshened up before it get too hot. 
We did get some much needed rain this week and the girls and I took the opportunity to slow down a little. We did some reading (man it makes this mommy's heart happy to see her kids enjoy reading), they organized their craft projects (there might be too many but who am I to say, I have way too many as well :) ). The girls and I also took out the paint supplies and did a little painting (see above). I really do enjoy painting with water colours and should do it more often. There is something just so relaxing about the process and the colour freedom is extremely satisfying. Maybe I'll do a bit more today if the weather stays grey like it is at this moment. 
I have also tried to get some yarn dyed this week and I think I was quite good - I was able to get the 2nd quarter sock yarn club yarn all dyed up and twisted and I was able to get a small batch of sport weight yarn dyed. I am hoping to get it twisted today if it is dry and have a shop update for you all Monday. Todays plan will be pretty relaxed. I have some order to pack up (this include the club skeins for April), I have finished the sleeves and have started the body on Paige's birthday sweater so I am hoping to get some more done in this today, and I might possibly make some homemade dinner rolls this afternoon. 
I really have missed sharing life with you all in person and cannot wait to see you all again when we can start getting back to yarn shows and guild meetings. I hope you are all doing well and not getting to fed up with it all. I did find myself getting upset this week with the new restrictions Ontario is facing and the thought of not seeing my family and having to change birthday event plans for my daughter (2nd year now that she will have COVID birthday). I keep reminding myself that we all need to do our part and to be grateful that my little family is safe and healthy. We have had some scares and some extended family come down with COVID. 
I wish you and yours all the best in this new season and l have hopes for a good summer. 
Talk to you all again soon

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